Frequently Confusing Questions

What are basic equipments should I check in lab before Performing Molecular Biology experiments ? 

One power supply box

 One horizontal DNA mini gel apparatus for agarose gels

Four micropipettes: P10, P20, P200, and P1000

 One box 1000 µL sterile tips per group

 One box 200 µL sterile tips per group

 One box 10 µL sterile tips per group

 One ice bucket (or cooler or styrofoam box for ice)

 One box of Kimwipes (Kimberly-Clark, Roswell, GA)

 One 15 mL and one 50 mL styrofoam test tube rack

 One pack of sterile snap cap tubes (17 3 100 mm) for overnight bacterial cultures

 One test tube rack for snap cap tubes

 One autoclaved container of 1.7 mL microcentrifuge tubes per group

 Two microcentrifuge tube racks

 One pack of disposable 10 mL pipettes

 One plastic (or electric) pipette pump

 One 50 mL graduated cylinder

 One 500 mL graduated cylinder

 One 2 L polypropylene beaker

 Two 1 L polypropylene bottles per group, one for deionized water and one for 1 3 Tris/Borate/EDTA (TBE)


 One 250 or 500 mL Pyrex orange capped bottle or Erlenmeyer flask for melting agarose per group

 One thermal glove for handling microwaved agarose

 Labeling tape

 Permanent ink marker (Sharpie)

 One plastic squeeze bottle for 70% ethanol

One plastic squeeze bottle for deionized water

One ring stand with clamp

 One pair of blunt-ended forceps

 Two safety eye glasses or goggles

 One cardboard freezer box per group

 Protein polyacrylamide mini gel electrophoresis unit

 Protein mini-transblot assembly

 Vortex mixer


 Bunsen burner

 Heat block



 Two waste containers; one biohazard and one nonbiohazard